End of the School Year: Thank You Cards for the Teacher and cupcake toppers!

The school year is almost to the end. My son was in kindergarten this year and he really grew a lot!
He isn't even 6 year old and he has a great passion for reading. He loves to sit in his corner and read his favorite books. I think this is amazing for a 5 year old little man!
I really want to thank the teachers who helped Tommy in these past 3 years. He was 3 year old when he first started in the Montessori School here in Vegas and he couldn't say a word in english. They helped him in an amazing way and I will definitely miss this school and the teachers very much.
Our experience with the Montessori School was incredible.
I'm preparing a nice basket for the two teachers because we're moving to San Francisco and I'll post it next week when it's done! I thought of something simple but cute ;-)
For now I'm going to post and share the cards and the tags/cupcake toppers I made for them.
I've created the "flower" card in 4 different colors. Print them on cardstock paper first one side, then flip the paper to the other side in order to print the chevron pattern on the back of the card.
Write whatever ou want or let your kids draw something...
Anyway..Thank You Teacher!

use a hole punch to punch two sides and use a nice ribbon to close the card!



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You cannot resell or share without my permission. 
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  1. These are so pretty & cute I know for myself that if someone gave me one I would appreciate the fact that they thought about me. It really is a great idea. Thanks for sharing the print out.
    Susan - Sunny California :)



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